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Hempstead Raiders Youth Football & Cheerleading

Hempstead Raiders Youth Football & Cheerleading

Code of Conduct

Hempstead Raiders Youth Football Organization

Code of Conduct

Players and Cheerleaders Conduct

No disrespecting coaches, such as talking back, sucking teeth, cursing, etc. If any of those occur coaches have all right to ask the player or cheerleader not to comeback, therefore kicking them off the team. Refunds aren’t rewarded for a child that has been kicked off the team. Most coaches are very good and will allow a child a few chances but once it becomes an ongoing issue and is affecting the team then disciplinary actions must be taken. 

No fighting! If a fight happens then the players are automatically kicked off the team. We’re preaching family and brother hood here, so fighting isn’t allowed. Zero Tolerance!

If a child gets suspended from school he or she is suspended from all sports activities until he or she is allowed back in school. If a player misses two practices due to suspension he will not participate in the game on Sunday.

All kids must be excelling in school to continue playing football or cheerlead. Biweekly progress reports will be used to check on students during the season.

Code of Conduct

Parents Conduct

Parents I ask you to let the coaches’ coach. We are not going to win every game. As volunteer coaches our job is to teach and educate the student athletes how to be young men under the competitiveness of sports. This platform to coach student athletes is a great opportunity that our coaches won't take for granted. 

Parents I ask you not to drink alcohol and smoke around the park during practice hours and game day hours. Please be mindful these student athletes see everything and we want to set great examples for them. Coaches’ take being a role model seriously and it would be deeply appreciated if things like that would be done away from the park. 

Parents I ask that all trash if possible to be thrown away when exiting the park.

Parents I ask during games can you respect the referees. We know they make mistakes and often time calls do not always go our way but we still have to give these guys respect and show that we are running a classy program. 

Parents I ask that all parents respect each other and the student athletes. There will be no favoritism as every student athletes will get a chance to play. You all are the reason this program exist so please be mindful we are in this together therefore let's always be supportive of one another.

Failure to comply with the code of conduct can result in disciplinary actions. We are running a program not a football team. We take what we do serious and hope to accomplish the goal of having these students athletes walk out of the Hempstead Raiders Youth Program as young men ready to embark on the challenges associated with society. Thank you for all your support and many blessing!

As volunteer coaches we just ask that we all work together to save our kids who are the future. This starts with respecting each other and being able to communicate daily to discuss the progress your child is making as a player and as a person. We as coaches take being a mentor and role model very serious and we just ask you parents to support us 100 percent.

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